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Chapter 1.2

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So, this is Sunset Valley. It’s really not to bad of a place. Pretty decent scenery, and it was near the ocean. However, the scenery hardly mattered to me. What mattered was the sports team. Sunset Valley especially failed in that category.
(Sorry the roof on the house is missing)But I had a lot of athletic ability! I could turn this team around. Hell, one day I might lead them to a championship. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.
I frowned. Oh who am I kidding? Ending up here was awful. Sunset Valley has had good players before, but they always end up losing. Are they freaking cursed or something? Plus, being in this town would mean my family could never come see me play. They were way too far away to drive, and they can’t afford to fly. Bridgeport is only a few hours away. I wonder, what if I had done what Mr. Eads wanted me too, and if I was still on his team. No, I’d rather be here than be blackmailed into being someone’s sex slave. Especially a 50 year old man’s sex slave. I got hungry and went inside to the kitchen.
“Food, I suppose that would be in the fridge,” I muttered to myself. I opened the refrigerator and found some mac and cheese. Yum.
“Okay, Shawn, you can do this. Just read the directions.” I had no idea how to cook. I never needed to know before. I wasn’t used to taking care of myself. As a kid, my parents would do everything for us. In college, the girls would take care of me. That, was great.
“Well,  I guess I’ll try cutting up this cheese,” I sighed. You’d think the cheese would already be like grated. I don’t even know what the green stuff is. I’ll just leave that out. It might be like, vegetables or something.
I finished the mac and cheese. My first meal I ever made by myself. It wasn’t half bad either. Just, that damn stove was hard to cook on. I needed more money, I didn’t have a lot of money growing up. I thought becoming a professional athlete would change that. It’s too bad I made that one mistake by taking steroids. My life would be so different if I never did.
I saw someone walking up to my house through the window. No way? It was her. I jumped out of my seat, and ran to the door to greet her.
“Shawn!” She squealed, “How are you?” It was my cousin Sarah. We were best friends growing up, until her family moved here to Sunset Valley. She was the only reason I wanted to be here.
“I’m doing alright,” I assured her, and pulled her into a hug. We went inside and went into my crappy tv room.
Sarah smiled, “It’s really good to see you again Shawn.”
“Yeah, I know, it’s been like six years,” I said.
“I can tell you aren’t happy here Shawn,” She said.
“Well, the sports team here is terrible. That’s what matter Sarah,” I began.
Sarah cut in, “But Shawn, it’s your fault you ended up here. You made those bad decisions. Sports isn’t all that matters. My father moved us here, even though they had a terrible sports team.”
“And look where you father is now,” I said, “he’s dead.”
“That was a bit harsh Shawn,” Sarah smirked.
“Yeah, I’m sorry, I should have said that,” I apologized. Sarah’s dad died from a heart attack last year, and to make it worse, her mother committed suicide just days after. She wasn’t quite over that yet.
“Hey, I have an idea,” Sarah said, and threw her hands up in excitement.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“We should have a sleepover, like when we were little, it’ll be fun!” She exclaimed.
“I don’t know,” I said, “I mean, I’m twenty-two now, not twelve.”
“Just do it Shawn!” She yelled. I guess I owed her to reminding her of her dead parents.
We both changed into our sleepwear. We didn’t realize what out sleepwear was though.
“Oh, my Shawn,” Sarah gasped.
“Awkward!” I proclaimed. We both changed into clothes more cousin friendly.
We then went and had a pillow fight. “I’m going to kick you ass!” Sarah screamed.
“Okay, right,” I said sarcastically, right before she hit me in the head, knocked me down, and took a shot at my balls.
“Ow, fuck you,” I hissed. Sarah stood there, and laughed her ass off.
“Can we do something else?” I asked.
We decided to take the radio outside, and put it to full blast and dance.
“Are you sure we won’t wake the neighbors?!” I yelled over the sound of the music.
“Who cares!” Sarah shouted back.
“Hey, do your neighbors have a pool?” Sarah asked.
“Of course, they’re like billionaires,” I answered.
“Then, come on!”  She took off towards the pool, I ran up with her.
“You get in first,” I said.
“I’ve been doing everything first,” Sarah complained, “You need to do something exciting. Hmm, now Sarah was scared too? If we got caught, the Alto’s have the power to put us in jail forever.
I got in first, and Sarah jumped in after me. “Would you be quiet!” I hissed.
“Don’t be so boring Shawn!” Sarah snapped. I was not boring, I just couldn’t afford to get into any trouble.
I splashed Sarah, “Shut up, I’m fun still.”
“Don’t be so easily offended Shawn,” Sarah laughed.
After like an hour of swimming, we got out, and headed back over to my place. We were exhausted.
“Shawn, let’s sleep in a tent!” Sarah suggested.
“I might have a tent somewhere around here,” I said. Sure enough, I found one, and we set it up in the back. I got in the tent.
Sarah followed after me. We chatted for a little while, and told ghost stories, but we both eventually just passed out cause we were so tired. It was almost 4 am by that time, but Sarah’s dumb phone went off. She was about to be late for work, and had to leave immediately.
I got up, and it was just in time to see the sun rise. It was really beautiful actually. I went inside and had some coffee, and I suddenly wasn’t tired anymore. I decided to take a trip to the gym.
I still had a lot of work to do, to get my athletic skill higher. After stopping the steroids, my body got a lot weaker, and I realized that I wasn’t as fit as I thought I was. I worked out hard, and really started to feel the burn.
Another person, a woman came in and started working out. I decided to go and say hi. I hadn’t been around any females besides Sarah since I’d been here.
Besides the fact that she was sweating like a pig, she looked really pretty. I realized I wanted to impress her.
“Hey, the name’s Shawn Nguyen,” I said flexing my muscles.
“Why should I care?” She grunted out, in between breaths.
“Listen, I’m really not that self centered, I just didn’t know how to talk to you,” I explained.
She got up, and stood in front of me. My eyes drifted from her face. Hmm, decent hooters, not huge, but not small, but just right, I thought.
Shawn?” She asked. I looked up.
“I was looking at your face!” I shouted suddenly.
“What?” She laughed. Phew, she didn’t notice. Or she didn’t care, either was good.
“Sorry, I’m nervous,” I admitted.
“It’s alright,” She said. Okay, well I was going to ask her on a date, here goes nothing.
“I was just wondering, do you think, maybe you’d like to go on a date with me?” I asked hopefully.
She frowned, and my hopes we crushed. “Listen Shawn,” She began, “I’m really not interested in starting a relationship right now.”
“I guess I understand,” I sighed.
She was looking out the window. She started out the window for several seconds. She was watching something. I couldn’t see anything except a school.
“Maybe I should go,” she said.
“Wait,” I stopped her, “What’s your name?” Did I really ask out a girl, who’s name I hadn’t yet learned?
“Uhh, it’s Anita,” She said quickly before attempting to walk past me.
“Wait, are you sure you don’t want to go on a date?” I asked again, “I promise you’ll have fun.”
“Listen, I’m sure you’re a nice guy Shawn, but I really don’t want to,” She said.There was something about this girl, I needed to know her more, I had to get a yes from her.
“Come on, everyone needs to get out some time,” I said.
Then Anita exploded in my face, “For the last fucking time dude, I do want to fucking go out with you! I said no! That means no! I will call the police for sexual harassment if you don’t stop asking me!”
“Sorry,” I sputtered out.
“Should be, bitch.” Anita growled. Feisty, I like it.
She pushed past me, and walked out of the gym. This wasn’t the last time she’d see me though. I felt something about her. Like sometimes you don't know someone, but you really want to know them because something about them gives you a warm feeling.  I’ll find a way to get through to her, even if I have to do it from jail. She was going to be mine. Okay, that sounds creepy. It’s not.
A few minutes after that incident with Anita, I went back to working out. I got a phone call, it was from Miles Smith, my boss. He let me call him Miles now, instead of Mr. Smith. Exciting I know. The phone call was good news. I had gotten my first promotion!

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Chapter 1.1

Well, this is it, I hope you like it. It’s not the best, but please keep reading, it does get better. This is the first legacy I’ve ever done. Enjoy :)

Hi, I’m Shawn Nguyen. We’ll be following my family’s life for ten generations. I just came here to Sunset Valley. I did not want to be here, but if I was ever to achieve my dream I had to be. I’m an athlete, and I’ll get to how I ended up here in Sunset Valley very soon, but first I need to do something about this empty lot I was able to buy with my signing bonus. It was so big, because I still believe I would become the top athlete.

Well, this is what I did with the place. Now, we can go onto the story of why I’m stuck in Sunset Valley as a struggling athlete. It goes back to my senior year of college.

*Senior Year of College*

I had gotten a new trainer that year, and he thought we should take a different approach to improving my athletic ability.

“Hey, Shawn, the name is Jake Tucker. I’ve been training guys like you for almost twenty years.”

Twenty years? That would have place him in at least his mid forties, and he only looked around thirty to me. Whatever he was doing must be working.

“You need to take these pills,” Jake said.

“And, what do they do?” I asked.

“Well, they make getting buff a lot easier. You get double the muscle, for half the work with these babies,” Jake responded.

Steroids? He wanted me to take steroids? I wasn't sure. I knew some steroids were really bad, but why would he want to hurt me? I decided I should probably take the pills. I popped open the bottle, and put it in my mouth.

Jake suddenly got really angry, and started yelling, “Are you crazy? What the hell do you think you’re doing. You can’t just take those out in the open! Don’t you know this stuff isn’t exactly legal, right?”

In the back of my mind, I did have that thought, that perhaps taking this wouldn’t be the best choice, and maybe it wasn’t allowed, it’s just I wanted this so bad, and I would do anything to be the best athlete.

“I’m sorry Jake,” I sighed, “I was just excited to get some more muscle!” I smiled, and hoped he would back. No, he didn’t.

“Just take one of these pills a day, and work out for about thirty minutes a day, and you’ll be set,” He said. He began to walk out until I stopped him.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“You don’t need me anymore,” He shouted as he walked out the door.

I decided to go ahead and work out a while. Just to see how well this stuff actually worked. First I went for a job on the treadmill.

Then, I built up some muscle.

And finally, I ended the workout with a swim. I was ready for this to be my best year ever. I noticed a guy watching me, and I decided to go over and talk to him.

I noticed that he wasn’t paying any attention to me, but to something behind me. All that was behind me was a table. Weird. I looked at his hair. What weirdo had pink hair? I bet when I’m drafted by Bridgeport, that city will be swarming with freaks with weird hair colors. Green, purple, yellow, blue, pink. I would never dye my hair like that.

He finally reverted his attention to me. I learned that his name was Fraser Terrey, and he had just graduated a year ahead of me in college. He was moving to Sunset Valley to work in music. So, I guess I’d end up seeing more of him in the future.

Then, he started flirting with me. I thought it was a joke, so I kind of fake flirted back, as a joke.

Then, Fraser said this, “No, I shouldn’t be flirting with you, my boyfriend wouldn’t like that.”

Yes, Fraser is gay apparently. I hope he doesn’t think I’m gay now or anything. The last thing I need a pink haired boy chasing after me if he and his boyfriend ever break up. I also noticed that Fraser was staring at my chest. I could see his eyes looking down, even if his heads looked up. I decided to end the conversation.

“Well, I need to get going,” I said, “But, is that your natural hair color?”

“Sure is,” Fraser replied.

*After Senior Year, in Bridgeport*

(I’m sorry you can obviously see this isn’t really an office in an office building.)

My senior year had been great for me. I was drafted first overall by Bridgeport. I had continued to get the steroids from Jake. I just never thought about the drug tests I was required to take. A few months after joining the team, I was called into the general managers office. I’d never been in there before, it was pretty cool.

I walked through the door, excited. I had no idea at the time that they had caught me.

The office, had bookshelves, and a somewhat intimidating statue of a sim holding on to a giant plumbob.

There was also several not as intimidating statues.

It even had a small kitchen in it.

He didn't look happy, he had a devilish look on his face.

“My name is Mr. Eads,” He said, “Now, Mr. Nguyen, please take a seat.” You would think he was being polite there, but he actually said it a bit angrily.

I took a seat in one of the chairs in front of his desk. I crossed my legs and smiled, hoping to spread my positive attitude towards him. I waited for him to say something.

“Uhh, so, what do you need Mr. Eads,” I asked.

“Shawn I think you know why you’re here,” He said. He was trying to stay calm, but having difficulty with it. I finally figured it out. I was here for the steroids. Maybe I could lie his way out of it. Use some of my good charm.

“Uh, no I have no idea what you want with me sir,” I assured him, lying of course.

“Don’t try this shit with me Shawn!” He yelled, “You know damn well what you did, you cheater.”

That got me upset. The words repeated in my head. Cheater, cheater, cheater. It really made me upset, I didn’t want to be a cheater. Ugh, I should never have listened to that idiot Jake. Now, my career was about to be ruined.

“Sir, please just calm down. I’m sure we can talk about this civilly,” I offered. He didn't want to handle this civilly. 

He had gotten up from his chair, and I got up from mine. I don’t care what I did, I wasn’t going to let him just get in my face.

“You used steroids!” Mr. Eads shouted.

“Okay, I did, but I’m not going to be talked to like that!” I snapped back.

Mr. Eads laughed, “You better watch your tone boy. Your career now lays in my hand.”

Now, I was getting pissed.

“You are pathetic Shawn! A pathetic cheater!’ Mr. Eads spat, “I shouldn't keep you on this team Shawn.”

“You know what?” I sighed, “Maybe I don’t even want to be on this team.”

“No one will take you once I release your drug test results!” Mr. Eads shot back with a hint of evil in his voice.

“Face it Shawn, you need this team. I’ll consider staying quiet about this, but you'll have to do some favors for me,” Mr. Eads said.

I decided to hear him out, and see what the favors were.

“Okay, what is it that you want?” I asked.

He gave me a devious smile, “Well, first off, perhaps some sexual favors would be necessary.”

That was it, no way I was doing that. But I needed to play here, in Bridgeport. This is where I’ve always dreamed of being as a little kid.

I decided to just beg for my job. “I can't do that Mr. Eads.”

“Then you can’t play for me,” He replied.

“Please, please, you're right. I’m sorry. I need this job Mr. Eads, please,” I begged.

“No, Shawn, you’re fired!” He yelled. Fired? I couldn’t be fired. I was supposed to be a superstar athlete.

“Fine then, you just lost the best thing that would ever happen to your organization,” I said.

“Oh please, I bet you can’t do anything without steroids,” Mr. Eads said. That wasn’t even close to true. I was a top prospect since my freshman year of college, and a top ten overall high school recruit. I didn’t start steroids until my senior year of college. 

“You’re wrong about that,” I assured him.

“Just, get the hell out of my office Shawn, and don’t think I won’t reveal your drug test results to the world.”

I left the room, with a confident look on my face, but I was devastated. This would most likely be the last time I was ever a part of a professional team.

*A few weeks later*

I had to go to court, and I only got probation, because they couldn’t prove I had been taking any illegal substances before the most recent incident, and I also used what Mr. Eads tried to get me to do for sympathy. He was fired for attempting to blackmail me into sexual favors to stay on the team.

It turns out, I also got a job offer for another team. No one still wanted me, because I still took steroids, but this team took a chance. I jumped at the offer to play again. I met with the general manager of the Sunset Valley team.

Mr. Smith seemed much more kinder than Mr. Eads. Thank God.

“Come on in Mr. Nguyen, I know there’s not much room in here but I think you can fit,” He said. I walked in the small office and took a seat.

“Shawn, I don’t want to talk about your previous issues. I know that you can play, and I need a good player on my team,” Mr. Smith proceeded.

I looked around the very small office. It was nothing compared to Mr. Eads. It was hard to believe that both teams played in the same league. I did some research on the Sunset Valley team. They were the worst in history. They had almost no money, they have the worst record all time. Only one winning season in seventy seasons. No one comes to see them play. I can’t imagine why they are still around for all this time. I didn’t really want to be apart of this team.

“I’m really glad your offering this to me, but I’m not sure this team is the right fit for me,” I said.

“Then you won’t like what I have to say next,” Mr. Smith said.

“Shawn, as much as I want you on my team now, that would be irresponsible,” He began

“I’m not sure I understand,” I admitted.

“I can’t start you playing, but I can give you a job, and you’ll work your way up to playing,” Mr. Smith explained.

“Great, that sounds just great,” I said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry, but it’s the best I can do.” I stood in silence for a few moments. I had gotten so far, and now everything was gone. I was back at the bottom, not even being able to play, for a hopeless team.

“Why don’t we work out a contract?” Mr. Smith offered. 

“We sat down, and discussed my contract and the job I was doing now. My job now, was to just be a fan. I thought this was ridiculous, I wanted to have fans, not be a fan. Unfortunately, I had no other options.

“Well, when you want me on the field, I’ll be ready,” I said, putting my fists up, simulating that I was ready to fight for that starting position, and fighting to win.